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Cabinet SHARE: Simple, Secure, Integrated Document Sharing

Cabinet SHARE makes it easy to securely exchange documents and information with clients, patients, colleagues and more.

Using SHARE is simple: SAFE users and outside contacts can each upload documents to a password-protected SHARE account, from which either can access and manage the files via a standard web browser. Uploads and email notifications are instant, and there is no additional software to install.

Click here to learn more about SHARE’s security features.

SHARE is directly integrated with the user’s SAFE or SAFE CLOUD account, and uploads and email notifications are instant.

With SHARE, it’s possible for attorneys to securely share case matter, financial advisors to send documents confidentially to clients, bookkeepers and clients to share vendor bills and customer invoices and accountants to post completed tax forms for immediate client review. The possibilities for secure document sharing are limitless.

Like all optional modules, SHARE requires an active SAFE license or monthly subscription.

SHARE: Secure document exchange, directly integrated with your SAFE repository. Contact us to learn more.