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Cabinet eSIGN: Secure, Integrated Electronic Signatures

Integrating Content Management and Silanis e-SignLive

Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly send contracts, letters of agreement and other critical documents out for electronic signatures – and instantly route and archive them when they return?

Now you can.

Introducing Cabinet eSIGN, a new module that directly integrates Cabinet SAFE document management software and VASCO’s industry-leading e-SignLive™ signature solution.

For just $25/user/month, you can collect a fully legal, traceable electronic signature on a letter of agreement, contract, amendment or any other document in just a few clicks.

Automatically append pre-built signature pages to documents. Define and enforce signature orders. Whatever you need, eSIGN can provide it.

Step 1: Cabinet eSIGNStep 1: Send

With Cabinet eSIGN, you can simply pick the right document from your repository, set a few preferences, append a pre-built signature page and automatically get it into e-SignLive for delivery to your client, vendor, patient or colleague. No muss, no fuss. And since it’s e-SignLive, you know there’s enterprise-class security behind the scenes.

Step 2: Cabinet eSIGNStep 2: Sign

Once the recipient receives the document (you’ll be notified when they do), they just need to affix an electronic signature, then send it back via e-SignLive. Multiple people can electronically sign the same document (in any order you define), and they can do it on any device that’s convenient for them – computer, tablet or phone. There’s no extra software for the signer to install.

Step 3: Cabinet eSIGNStep 3: Check-In

Once the document is signed and sent back, it’s automatically checked in to your SAFE or SAFE CLOUD document management system, then filed in its correct location for easy location through any search or drill-down method you prefer. You’ll know what’s going on with your documents every step of the way, from sending to signing to receipt.

Step 4: Cabinet eSIGNStep 4: Workflow

Need a signed document routed once it’s back in your possession? No problem. Cabinet eSIGN can automatically add them to your pre-defined workflows, allowing them to go to the folks who need them without error-prone manual processes. Documents go where you need them to go, to the people who need to see them, automatically.

Cabinet eSIGN: Integrating Content Management & Silanis e-SignLive

Want to learn more? Click here or fill out the form on this page to schedule a demo of Cabinet eSIGN!