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Paperless HR

Paperless HR

Cabinet SAFE document management software is your paperless HR solution!

Paperless HRThe SAFE document management solution allows your human resources team to create and maintain completely secure, fully digital personnel files. With SAFE, you create a paperless HR system that allows you to replace file cabinets and folders with structured, controlled electronic records — saving space, slashing costs and enhancing security.

Lock down your information with paperless HR software

A properly deployed and managed electronic document management system is far more secure than paper-based files — even ones kept under lock and key. With Cabinet, administrators can restrict access on a user-by-user or file-by-file basis, or simply cut off entire “cabinets” of documents. Audit tools let you see exactly who accessed which document, when. And if you choose to access SAFE through our secure, private cloud, even your IT department won’t have access to personnel files.

With paperless HR, your confidential and private information has never been safer.

Complete flexibility

Paperless HR software is uniquely flexible. SAFE can be used to file, archive and access documents related to any stage of the HR process — from recruiting to active employee file to inactive employee record. Documents can be imported via scanned paper, PDF, email or standard formats including Microsoft Word and Excel.

Best of all, SAFE allows you to create a digital version of your existing workflows, minimizing training and transition time. Data entry and repetitive tasks are reduced. Document version control is enhanced. It’s your HR practices — just paperless.

The ultimate paperless HR tool

With SAFE, employee recordkeeping is easy. Built-in database tools let you track employee demographic information automatically. You can even create event schedules.

Case Study: The City of Newnan, Georgia

After deploying Cabinet SAFE in its human resources department, the city of Newnan, Georgia realized almost immediate gains in efficiency and greater access to documents.

SAFE: Your paperless HR solution. Contact us to learn more, or schedule a no-strings-attached online demo today.