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Beyond Electronic Filing Cabinets: Process Management for Human Resource Departments

HR leaders are typically very good at standardizing processes to make sure all necessary steps are followed in hiring, managing and retaining the right people.

Getting people to follow these processes – every time – is really the challenge.

Think of your standard hiring process as an example. Specific documents are created and filed. Some of these require approvals and signatures. If one of those documents becomes lodged in a folder under a magazine on a chair in someone’s office, the whole process is held up while that document is either re-created or a search is conducted.

Document management software that works for HR needs to go beyond simply an ‘electronic file cabinet’ and have the capacity to become a process management platform as well. Document management software that acts as a both content management system and process management platform provides the structure and controls to set up easily repeatable processes that work the way you want them to work.


Instead of documenting your processes and continuously training and cajoling your staff to follow them, enterprise document management software allows you to put your processes into a system that makes it easy for everyone to follow the right steps every time.

And because your processes are managed and executed electronically, there are additional benefits. Documents can be routed and approved electronically, speeding up the time it takes to see tasks to completion. Confidential information is secure because you control users’ access rights. Individual processes are tracked and reports can be generated that pinpoint where various items are in the cycle and where potential bottlenecks may lie. Human resources and management can access and work via mobile devices, so there is no need to lug along sensitive hiring documents to home from work or on the road.

Not only will the right document management software solution help improve control and efficiency, it will provide you with peace-of-mind that all the steps you have prescribed are being followed and can be verified.