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3 Security Features Essential for HR Document Management Software

With a paper-based system, there are people who have keys to the file room and keys to specific cabinets, but maybe not all the cabinets. But what does HR-level security look like when it comes to electronic document management?

Security and control are paramount to integrating your employee files and process with an electronic document management software solution. With enterprise electronic document management software, you can control access at the individual folder and document level—like giving every document and folder its own lock and key. With the best systems, user credentials and privileges are controlled by the system administrator, much like the file room and cabinet keys are controlled by whoever is in charge of the file room.

Here are three security essentials to look for when choosing your electronic document management software:

Version Control

One control issue facing not only HR, but entire organizations, is the simple matter of getting everyone to use the most current versions of documents. It seems simple, but whatever your standard documents are, you should be able to ‘“load” them into the document management software so that all users are creating and using the most recent version.

Changes to these standard templates can then be made once and then simply rolled out to your team automatically. This rather simple content management task can become complicated without a platform in place to make centralized changes.


Documents Don’t Disappear. Ever.

A good document management software solution provides the ability to control specific user rights like create, edit and delete, making it impossible for a user to perform one of these actions on a document where those rights do not exist. The best systems for human resources, specifically, even save copies of deleted files to a recycle bin, just in case a file needs to be restored.

Fully Compliant Encryption

Many HR documents contain confidential and personally identifiable private information that require HIPAA compliance. Using a top-notch document management software with solid electronic content management to control access and encrypt files at rest and in transit will greatly reduce exposure to violations. Even something as simple as filing I-9’s becomes easier to control and manage when implemented using document management software.

Most of our HR customers are using our CLOUD product. Learn more about the security features of a cloud-based DMS for human resources.