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Our products

Our core product, SAFE, combines document management with contact management, workflow optimization and file sharing, allowing organizations to manage scheduling, tasks and supporting documents with one system.

Available in the CloudSAFE provides a centralized repository where all documents are accessed and managed, eliminating the inefficiencies of having documents scattered across file cabinets, shared drives and local hard drives. Its rich features are customized with each deployment, allowing it to work in parallel with companies’ existing workflows, processes and culture.

The traditional SAFE suite is licensed software run on clients’ own servers. SAFE CLOUD offers the same premium features for a monthly subscription fee, hosted on Cabinet’s secure servers.

Optional Modules

Several valuable modules can be added to SAFE and SAFE CLOUD. They include:

  • SHARE, creating opportunities for collaboration at the click of a mouse
  • ADVANCED CAPTURE, Streamlining high-volume, high-speed batch scanning

Integration Tools

A number of additional modules make it easy to integrate SAFE and SAFE CLOUD with your existing workflows, processes and culture:

  • BooksOffering direct integration with QuickBooks software
  • APIFramework for integrating third-party applications with SAFE
  • WebSyncLinking SAFE data to web-based applications, such as SalesForce
  • RetrieverSimplifying access to outside documents from within Cabinet software
  • SynchronizerAutomatically integrating content from non-Cabinet software

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