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Integration Tools

Cabinet Integration Tools

For small and mid-sized companies, it’s imperative that their business-critical software applications work together. If they don’t, data is entered multiple times, valuable time is wasted in unnecessary training and IT budgets skyrocket.

That’s why SAFE was engineered with a number internal integration tools, allowing the solution to integrate with most common applications — such as Microsoft Office and Intuit QuickBooks — directly out of the box.

Optional integration tools, such as SynchronizerRetriever and WebSync allow data to be shared between SAFE and popular business applications.

The popular Books tool — available free with any SAFE license or SAFE CLOUD subscription — automatically creates QuickBooks transactions corresponding with SAFE documents.

API provides a Windows-based development framework for integrating third-party applications is available for instances where a higher level of integration is required.


SAFE Integration Tools

  • BooksOffering direct integration with QuickBooks software
  • APIFramework for integrating third-party applications with SAFE
  • WebSyncLinking SAFE data to web-based applications, such as SalesForce
  • RetrieverSimplifying access to outside documents from within Cabinet software
  • SynchronizerAutomatically integrating content from non-Cabinet software