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Take the ‘Work’ Out of ‘Paperwork’ with Advanced Capture

Cabinet Paperless April 19th 2017

Converting paper and electronic assets into clean, extracted data and files that drop directly into SAFE for nearly two decades.


The SAFE Enterprise: How Your Business Can Benefit from Next-Generation Document Management

Jon Clark November 16th 2016

With a budget-friendly, out-of-the-box solution on the market, Enterprise Content Management is no longer a nice-to-have among today’s most competitive companies.


3 Steps to Prepare for New Overtime Legislation

Abe Niedzwiecki October 3rd 2016

The Department of Labor’s new overtime rules are set to take effect on December 1, 2016. Is your company prepared?


Is Cloud-Based Human Resources Document Management Software Secure?

Cabinet Paperless September 20th 2016

The definitive answer – and what else you should consider when deciding where to deploy HR DMS.


3 Security Features Essential for HR Document Management Software

Jon Clark September 20th 2016

With a paper-based system, there are people who have keys to the file room and keys to specific cabinets, but maybe not all the cabinets. But what does HR-level security look like when it comes to electronic document management?


3 Ways to Safely Integrate HRIS and Document Management Software

Jon Clark September 14th 2016

It is essential that any document management software you bring on board integrate with your HRIS system if you have one in place. But how do you do it efficiently and cost effectively – without breeching confidentiality?


Beyond Electronic Filing Cabinets: Process Management for Human Resource Departments

Jon Clark September 7th 2016

HR leaders are very good at standardizing processes to make sure all necessary steps are followed in hiring, managing and retaining the right people. Getting people to follow these processes – every time – is really the challenge.


The Beauty of a Paperless Company

Cabinet Paperless August 17th 2016

Companies across many industries have started to see the benefits of transitioning to a paperless workplace.


Address Digital Workplace Pitfalls Before It’s Too Late

Cabinet Paperless August 10th 2016

The digital workplace is continuously evolving and growing. And while going digital has major benefits, it comes with a number of possible pitfalls.


Where CRMs End, Document Management Software Begins

Jon Clark August 5th 2016

Enterprise document management software solutions can pick up where CRMs leave off, giving your team a serious edge when it comes to tending to managing all the aspects of existing engagements quickly and easily. Here are a few ways a content management solution can enhance and accelerate your customer relationships.

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