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Cabinet SAFE Requirements

Client Systems (SAFE and SAFE CLOUD)

*Cabinet manages data in its native format and includes software viewers for several different file formats; for full-editing capability, clients need to have the corresponding application software installed on the client system.


LAN/WAN Connectivity



TWAIN compliant/compatible scanner. Recommendations include Fujitsu, Canon and Kodak. Note: Fujitsu Scan Snap scanners do not support TWAIN.

Server (SAFE)

** Depends on data volume and number of connected users. SQL Express is only recommended for up to 10 users.

*** Varies based on the number of documents indexed. Estimate double the storage volume of the storage server.

Backup and Replication Server (SAFE – optional)


WEB (when used with SAFE or SAFE CLOUD)
Server (on premise only: included with SAFE CLOUD)


Client Computer or Device


OPEN API (including eSIGN)


Contact Cabinet to see if your tablet is one of the growing number we support.