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Cabinet SAFE Features

Users of the SAFE document management solution enjoy a robust suite of features, designed to streamline operations and increase efficiency throughout their business practices.

Access documents anywhere

Whether you choose to host SAFE on your servers or access it via our secure, private cloud, the solution offers you unprecedented access to your documents.

Integrated scheduling

SAFE provides tight integration across the entire system. The scheduling functionality incorporates several individual features, making it a perfect fit for all organizations needing to complete tasks more successfully and on time.

Input documents easily

It’s easy to import documents into the SAFE system.

Find documents efficiently

One of the most critical elements of a document management system is the search capability. Searching for your documents must be simple and fast. SAFE offers multiple methods to locate your documents:

Enhanced security features

Many businesses are required by law to protect the privacy of employee and customer personal information — not to mention the fact that your critical business information needs to remain secure. SAFE protects your virtual filing cabinets using a “rights management” approach.

Your information is stored in a “Cabinet – Folder – Document” hierarchy with different levels of access at each level.

Audit Reports may be generated to track users and their actions while logged into SAFE.


All businesses operate by document workflow processes. These processes are the lifeblood of a company. SAFE mimics your existing paper processes, turning them into efficient electronic workflow processes.

SAFE Workflow Diagram



Small and mid-sized companies need integration between the applications they use to run their businesses. A siloed approach can lead to double data entry, wasted training time and non-functional software.

SAFE integrates with most common applications — like Microsoft Office and Intuit QuickBooks — directly out of the box.

For applications requiring a bit more integration to share data, we have Synchronizer and Retriever. These are optional tools that enable data to be shared between SAFE and popular business applications.

Meanwhile, API provides a Windows-based development framework for integrating third-party applications is available for instances where a higher level of integration is required.