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About Cabinet

About us

Since 1999, Cabinet Document Management Solutions has helped hundreds of clients successfully deploy enterprise-class document management software systems.

aicpa We make the efficiency, security and sustainability of a paperless office accessible to any organization – from large enterprises to small and mid-sized businesses. “Going paperless” empowers our clients to save significant amounts of money, improve workflow efficiency, securely operate in multiple locations, support remote workers, meet compliance requirements and reclaim wasted office space.

Cabinet is your partner, not just another vendor.

We take pride in the fact that our clients consider Cabinet more than just another vendor. We’ve become a trusted advisor to innovative businesses that are seeking the security, savings and flexibility of a paperless office.

When you purchase or subscribe to one of our products, you get more than an outstanding document management software solution. You get Cabinet – our people, our experience, our expertise, our training — and our values.

Integration and training isn’t important. It’s absolutely vital.

Integrating our document management software with your existing system is one of our most important considerations. That’s why our Professional Services team is dedicated to ensuring that Cabinet software works seamlessly with your current processes, workflows and technologies – not steamrolling over them.

And because our commitment to service and quality doesn’t end with the sale, we always make sure that users are trained in the use of our systems.

We even hold a popular annual conference, allowing clients to learn from the experts and see innovative, new ways to use our document management software suite. The goal? A shallow learning curve, 100 percent user adoption – and maximum client ROI.

With Cabinet, it’s not just any paperless office. It’s your paperless office.

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