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White Papers

The Paperless Office: Accepting Digitized Data

Exploring the implications of the paperless office and the realities that businesses face in going digital.

Software Integration

How to make existing software solutions “play nice” with new electronic document management systems.

ROI of a Document Management System

How a system like Cabinet SAFE can generate a significant return on investment.

Document Management and Remote Workers

How document management can work for employees and executives on the go.

Implementing Document Workflow Processes

How document management can mirror a company’s existing workflows.

Out-of-the-Box Integration

Discussing how SMBs can achieve true application integration.

EDMS Integration Using an API

Examining the role of application program interfaces in a document management system.

Enterprise-Class Solutions and the VAR

How local VARs can help organizations solve document management issues.

Document Imaging: Where Do I Begin?

Understanding some of the key concepts involved in the scanning process.

Batch Scanning and Document Capture in an Electronic Document Management System

Organizing, indexing and filing paper documents in your document management system.